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Our first major ‘Con after Covid..Otakon!

Otakon 2021, was our first major ‘con since Covid. We were not sure what to expect given the resurgence of the virus. But, we did know that for almost a year and a half fans had not been able to go to cons, cosplay or even interact in small groups other than virtually. They were ready to suit up and show out.

Now, we had gone to a smaller ‘con a few weeks before Otakon and it was our first since February 2020. We stayed for a short  while, long enough to shoot some videos, take some pics and do a few interviews, and left. Mainly because the promoters did not make safety protocols a requirement. I won’t name the ‘con or itemise my list of grievances. Let’s just say it was a small venue with a pretty decent turn out and nearly no one was practising common sense precautions.

Fast forward to Otakon and it was a world of difference. First, they did a fantastic job of putting the ‘con together. The security checks and registration moved along if not quickly at least efficiently. Not once that we saw, unless they were eating or speaking at a mic was anyone ever without a mask. So we were among the sane. But in spite of all of the cautions and precautions, you could feel the genuine “con vibe”.

There were interesting panels, the vendor and artists halls had good exhibitors and vendors. People were smiling (you could tell behind the masks), folks were meeting and greeting, complimenting each other’s cosplays and just hanging out.

I have to admit, given the difficulties Otakon experienced during the lock down I was skeptical that they would be able to have a ‘con this year. And, if they did, it may have been noticeably scaled down. I am happy to say I was wrong. They nailed it. You can watch our Otakon 2021 highlights video here: